Military Doublet Jacket Green

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Military Doublet Jacket Sleeves are not labeled with Chevron or Badge If you want to add these, Cost will be $15 for one PIECE of Badge and $15 for pair of Chevron. Materials: 1- 100% Pure Heavy Wool Blazer Available colors are White, Black, Green, Blue and Red. 2- Bullion Braid and Cord ( Golden or Silver) 3- Round Buttons with Scottish Thistle image 4- Both Sleeves can be labeled with Chevron which can be ordered for 2 strips , 3 strips or 4 strips at a cost of $15 only 5- Exquisite braid work on collar, shoulder shells and cuffs 6- Sleeve can also be labeled with Badge and available options for this are: A- Crown B- Drum with Wreath C- Bagpipe with wreath 7- Beautiful Leather sporran can also be ordered with for Extra cost of $20 only 8- Black or White Shirt can also be ordered with for Extra cost of $20 only 9- Belt and buckle can also be ordered with for Extra cost of $20 only 10-Socks can also be ordered for $10 only We do not stock this item and manufacture according to customer instructions. Normally, we will take 10-12 days to manufacture it and 3-4 days to deliver it. Instructions: Please note that this is a costly item, while providing your sizes; invest your 5 minutes to avoid any sizing issues. Kindly provide us the following details of your sizes in standard US inches: Measure your under arms chest all around Measure your waist all around Measure your Shoulder joint till your wrist Measure your shoulder to shoulder from back size of your body Measure your back length from back side

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